Sorrento’s [Statesville]

Have you ever heard of Statesville? I actually hadn’t before I moved slightly north of Charlotte. It sits at a really nice intersection of I-40. Essentially it’s where I stop for Starbucks whenever we decide to go to Asheville.

We’ve only checked out Statesville once or twice. On Friday we had looked at a bunch of places to eat, but traffic to Charlotte was – as usual – super shitty and we had no desire to sit in traffic for an hour to go 12 miles. My boyfriend wanted pasta so we searched for pasta on yelp and came upon Sorrento’s.

I have to say, we had pretty low expectations. From the outside the place looks pretty basic. When we walked in the hostess wasn’t super interested in us either. When we sat the bread they brought was minimal, but looking around a lot of other people had a loaded bread offering.

But then our waitress came. I don’t remember our name but she was great. She answered all of our questions – and didn’t sound annoyed even though they were all pretty dumb questions. She also nailed it on the water refills. That was fabulous.

We ordered garlic knots. They had awesome presentation. They were pretty good. They weren’t my favorite, but definitely weren’t bad. I would totally order them again.

To eat I ordered the baked veggie shells with marinara. My boyfriend ordered carbonara with chicken. They both came with salads or soup – we both ordered salads. These salads were not small. I thought they would be tiny so I was pleasantly surprised. At the same time though… by the time I ate my salad and garlic knots (and bread) I was pretty full.

Either way I had a shell. It was also pretty good. Having broccoli in it made it taste a lot more like broccoli than the spinach or zucchini. My boyfriend also really liked his meal. We both boxed up the rest of our food because we wanted dessert.

We split their dessert special – an apple crostata. So delicious! We totally didn’t need it, but I’m glad we did it. It was super yummy and heated with a large heap of ice cream. Awesome!


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