Twelve Hours in Knoxville

Well… twelve hours is a stretch. We arrived in Knoxville at 10 pm and left Knoxville at 10:30 am… but we were asleep from about 11:30 pm until 7 am. Ultimately, a good portion of that time we were sleeping.

Either way, we were using Knoxville as a stopover point. We were driving to Chattanooga to meet my parents and check out the city. We left Charlotte around 6 pm and then maps decided to take us a long way around since I40 was a mess. Instead of taking 3 or so hours to get there, it took a little longer than 4. That was awesome, too, because I had very specific places I wanted to eat and they closed right as we drove up. Wonderful! (Sarcasm there).

By the time we arrived we were super hungry though. So we stopped at Balter Beerworks. They close at 11 and I know it’s annoying when someone comes in within the last hour, but there were three other groups in there so it’s not like they were busy. The nachos we had were good and I liked that they cut the burger in half that my boyfriend and I were splitting, but the rest of the experience was mediocre at best. The manager was far more excited about chatting to his team and watching baseball than he was in running the place. I wouldn’t recommend it.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn at the World’s Fair Park. The location was great! We were by UT and the close enough to walk down to the river.

The sunrise was pretty nice! We continued to lay in bed until the sun came up though.

We walked around aimlessly for about an hour before grabbing breakfast. We drove about 10 minutes to go to Holly’s Gourmet Market. The food was pretty good! The hot chocolate was just a mix, but I kind of expected it. My boyfriend got a biscuit bowl that was delicious – their gravy was nice and peppery – and I had a classic breakfast. We also had a side of hashbrown casserole that was full of peppers and such. I liked, but my boyfriend didn’t. Honestly though there was enough food that we didn’t need to add that as a side.

We were perfectly full for our 1.5 hour ride to Chattanooga though! Full enough that we didn’t bother eating until dinner… but more about that next week 🙃



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