A Weekend in Chattanooga

The first full year we were in North Carolina, just after we bought our house, we packed up for Christmas and drove to my parents house. To get to their house, we have to drive through Chattanooga. On the way there it was very late and dark so we didn’t get to see much. On the way back though, it was nice outside and traffic through Chattanooga was so backed up that we drove along the river to get around some of it.

Since then, we’ve talked about checking out Chattanooga. It looked like a cool place to hang out and I’ve heard good things. Plus, it’s close enough to my parents that they were able to meet us there.

First things first, we checked out the Chattanooga Zoo. The Zoo is pretty small, but they had a decent amount of animals. Unfortunately we were a bit early for the giraffes – they are coming soon – but we did get to see a health checkup at the chimpanzee exhibit which was super cool.

We finished the zoo trip in under 2 hours, but by then my parents arrived. We met up with them and then went to Clumpies for ice cream.

After that we basically roamed around until we started to get hungry for dinner. We stopped by Main Street Meats. Holy cow my steak was so good. It was nicely cooked and perfectly tender. All of the food was spectacular and we were definitely full when we left.

The next day we checked out Ruby Falls, the Incline Railway, and Lookout Mountain (aka Rock City).

Rock City was my absolute favorite of the three. Ruby Falls was neat, but I don’t think I’d do it again. Incline Railway was slightly terrifying, but I’m scared of heights.

Rock City was awesome. It’s essentially some seriously well maintained gardens. The views were fabulous and I loved all the gnomes everywhere.

Rock City also has different themes each month so going back would be pretty interesting.

We also went to The Hot Chocolatier and ate way too much sweet stuff. Of course I recommend this place.

On our last day we went to the Tennessee Aquarium which was also spectacular. There are two buildings and they essentially take you through the layers of the water. One building is freshwater and the second is salt water.

That aquarium was easily one of my favorites. It also had fabulous views of Chattanooga.

Since we’ve left, I’ve discovered a ton of things we didn’t get to do. I think we barely scratched the surface of this city. We’ll have to go back!


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