Little Spoon

First let’s be insanely excited that the Jaguars won this weekend! The game was super intense and I constantly felt as if I was going to have a minor heart attack. Either way, we made it! Other than that, we didn’t get up to too much, but we were able to sneak in brunch with … Continue reading Little Spoon


Cranberry Gingersnap Pie

I really wish I’d taken pictures of my New Year’s Eve dinner. It was so good. Granted I’ve probably posted a ton of pictures of dinner at Epic Chophouse so I guess it’s not necessary. But look at all of the balloons! It is part of the reason my pants are tight this week, though. … Continue reading Cranberry Gingersnap Pie

2017 & 2018

Do you know where the year went? I certainly do not. Time definitely flies when you’re having fun. This year we’ve hiked a ton, stayed in a tiny home, and traveled a decent amount. I tried new things - the yoga festival, handlettering, and using power tools. We started to put our house vision together … Continue reading 2017 & 2018


Do you ever underestimate the value of being home? I do. A lot. I'm guilty of wishing I was traveling. The wanderlust bug is always biting. I'm constantly counting down to the next trip. Always looking ahead. Some people would say I wish life away because I'm always looking ahead. The past few months I've … Continue reading Present