Whole30: Week Four

What a ride.While I was doing it, it seemed like it would never end. And now that it's done, it's like it was just a blink of an eye. I guess that's everything though. Maybe I didn't appreciate the journey enough? And yet I have tons of reflection in my notebook about how awesome the … Continue reading Whole30: Week Four


Never Quit: A 5K Review

Two words: So. Hot. Unfortunately, I think the uncontrollable weather really swayed my feelings about the race. We got there a little early and of course the view was gorgeous.     There wasn't much to do before the race other than stare at people. It seemed like all the vendors required cash or credit. … Continue reading Never Quit: A 5K Review

Fitbit Flex: Review

One of the latest fads in consumer electronics revolves around fitness. It's definitely a hot spot since it's not a road traveled often by larger electronics companies, but get excited because it's going down! The most popular items at the moment focus on intensified pedometers that take all kinds of stats. I'm sure you've seen … Continue reading Fitbit Flex: Review