Lake Norman Half Marathon

When I moved to North Carolina I was running a lot. I had quite a few half marathons ready to go - most of them in Florida. My first year in North Carolina had a lot of time flying back down south in order to complete some of those commitments. Others I just gave up … Continue reading Lake Norman Half Marathon


Space Coast: Year 5

I’m writing this as I wait for yoga to start. I’ve been completely thrown off in my fitness journey. I was doing such a good job and my boyfriend had joined in with me. Alas, the car accident definitely messed things up. At first I just went about my day and continued to workout as … Continue reading Space Coast: Year 5

Run, Piggy!

It’s been awhile since I did a new half marathon. Since I moved, I haven’t completed as many runs. I’m not sure if it’s because there aren’t as many here, of if I just don’t find out about them. Since the Space Coast half in November, I’ve barely even ran at all. While I do … Continue reading Run, Piggy!