Laundry Room Reno (Part One)

Do you know what adulting is like? Adulting is like when you have a perfectly working washer and dryer combo inside an equally performing laundry room...but you buy a pretty red washer and dryer combo and decide to redo your laundry room because you think the existing one is unorganized and boring. One hell of … Continue reading Laundry Room Reno (Part One)


The End of June

How is it July? Really though. It feels like yesterday we were kicking off 2018. I actually flipped through my passion planner to look at the first six months just to remind myself of where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to so far. And we’ve done a lot! Even just looking back at … Continue reading The End of June

DIY Patio Chairs

The number of crafts I have saved on Pinterest is insane. And when I say crafts... well, that’s relative. They range from small projects to house projects. I have the same patio chair saved several different ways, too. I showed my boyfriend the patio chairs awhile ago and it’s been “on our list”, but we’ve … Continue reading DIY Patio Chairs