A little of everything

Was it last week I talked about balance? Well. I’m not better at it yet. And don’t make a face. You wouldn’t be better at it yet either. There are some days, weeks, weekends where I don’t do much. Then there are the times I do everything. As much as I can. I thrive in … Continue reading A little of everything



Do you ever underestimate the value of being home? I do. A lot. I'm guilty of wishing I was traveling. The wanderlust bug is always biting. I'm constantly counting down to the next trip. Always looking ahead. Some people would say I wish life away because I'm always looking ahead. The past few months I've … Continue reading Present

Out & Back

Weekends are gone so quickly sometimes. What about those weekends where you gain an hour? Yup. Just as quick. Adding to the time travel? Travel itself. To Boston we went! Up on Friday and back on Sunday. Saturday was actually spent traveling in and out of Connecticut for a friends wedding. In the middle of … Continue reading Out & Back