The End of June

How is it July? Really though. It feels like yesterday we were kicking off 2018. I actually flipped through my passion planner to look at the first six months just to remind myself of where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to so far. And we’ve done a lot! Even just looking back at … Continue reading The End of June


What I eat in Vegas…ends up online

It’s actually quite surprising that everything I ate in Vegas didn’t end up online. Dare I say that some things I didn’t even take pictures of. The lighting was pretty unfortunate in some of the places I was, but that’s okay because I have the memories. Those memories are pretty strong because some of these … Continue reading What I eat in Vegas…ends up online


Do you ever underestimate the value of being home? I do. A lot. I'm guilty of wishing I was traveling. The wanderlust bug is always biting. I'm constantly counting down to the next trip. Always looking ahead. Some people would say I wish life away because I'm always looking ahead. The past few months I've … Continue reading Present